Theme & Cornerstones

Crisis Resilience

Much of the population is feeling worn out and traumatized by climate and ecological crisis, pandemic challenges, and political aggression, while trying to envision what survival and regeneration will entail in the coming years.


Support for Sensitives

We know that many who are drawn to Flower Essences and Flower Essence Therapy are Highly Sensitive Persons and Empaths, who best respond to the gentle healing power of Flower Essences and are also the ones that most need the resilience they offer.

Trauma Awareness

There is a growing awareness of the impact that trauma has on our ability to cope and heal, and we all would do well to become more Trauma Informed in order to understand both the power and limitations of Flower Essence Therapy in this regard.

Knowledge Sharing

During these challenging times there has been a growing interest in Flower Essences, and those of us who have experienced how much they help humans in periods of transformation yearn to share the insights of Nature’s wisdom.

Message from the conference organizers

Special Message from the Flower Essence Society

Excerpt of a 30 minute video gift to attendees from Patricia Kaminksi and the Flower Essence Society, graciously blessing the conference with a lovely flower essence teaching.